Take action now and choose the option that resonates best with you.  Whichever option you choose, you can expect plenty of ah-ha moments and tangible results along the way with me, encouraging, supporting and guiding you where you want to go.

Just as every person is unique, my coaching services are custom-tailored to your specific individual needs and situation. There are a few options available to work with me. Packages and prices are discussed during the complimentary clarifying session.

Discovery Session (FREE)

30 Minutes

In this call we’ll talk a about your goals, your challenges and sticking points, and what you need to do (with my help) to get the results you’re looking for. You’ll leave our session knowing exactly what the next steps will be for you to create your ultimate life/business.


Let’s Talk

Clarifying session


A 1-hour session where we identify your most important goal and why you want this goal. Where you are now and where you want to go.  Together we will create an action plan for the ONE goal you identify.  At the end of this session you will have a one-month plan on how to slay that goal.

**Bonus: How to Slay Your Goals Workbook (pdf)

Live Your Best Life Now Package


90 DAYS Of Empowerment Coaching Includes:

3 x 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month online via Zoom. Sessions may occasionally run a little over-at no additional cost to you (remember, it’s about results not minutes).

Included In This Package:

*Creating Your Dream Life with Vision Boards Course (4wks ecourse)

*Free weekly email support and check-ins for 3 months.

*Accountability + unwavering support, and encouragement

*Proven tools and interactive goal setting strategies to help you stay on track.

*Loving Yourself Workbook (pdf)

*Slay Your Goals Workbook (pdf

**Bonus: Morning Guided Meditation (mp3)


Note: This is my most popular package: therefore, I only take on 3 new clients per month with this package, so please contact me to check availability as it’s very limited.

The Goal Slayer VA Package


This 90 DAYS of in-depth online business coaching package includes:

3 x 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month online via Zoom.

Included In This Package:

*Access to The VA That Slay VIP Lounge, a community for extra support (private FB group)

*Access to The VA Toolkit

*Live Monthly Webinars (inside the FB group)

*The Goal Slayer VA 101 Guide

*Workbook: How to Slay Your Goals, 1 month at a time

*Business Marketing (worksheet)

*Facebook Live (worksheet)

*Writing Social Media Post That Sell (worksheet)

*Continual accountability and encouragement every step of the way.


Virtual Assistant Services

I work with motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners.
My clients know how important it is to save time and focus on the core aspects of their business. Working with me helps them lighten their workload and be more productive.

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  • I was once like you
  • Experience building a successful online coaching business from scratch
  • Personal Touch
  • Professional Training
  • Proven tools and strategies to help you start


  1. Business Plan for Coaching
  2. How to Build an Email List From Scratch
  3. Charging Your Worth
  4. How to Market Your Business in Social Media
  5. The Money Mindset Makeover
  6. Cultivating Self-Love-Self-Worth: Unleash Your Inner Warrior
  7. Creating your Best Life Ever (1 month at a time)
  8. Using Vision Boards and Affirmations to Manifest Your Goals