Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Prevent You From Earning What You’re Worth

We all do it. No matter how successful you are, you’ll fall into the self-sabotage trap at one time or another, and the price of admission is high.  

  • Your income will suffer. 
  • Your self-esteem will plummet. 
  • Your confidence will find new lows.  

The result? Frustration. Burnout. Resentment (of your clients or your business). And yes, even more, self-sabotaging behaviors. This downward spiral can quickly turn devastating, but stopping it is easy when you learn to recognize the symptoms.  


Did you mean to apply for that high-end coaching program but missed the deadline? Or maybe you were going to send a proposal to a potential new client but waited too long? Or maybe you waited too long to take advantage of a sale price on a hot new app that everyone’s raving about.  

These and other missed opportunities can often be blamed on simple procrastination, one of the most destructive habits we suffer from. Procrastination is what keeps us working late at night to make a deadline, costs us money in late fees, and even costs us business.  

If you’re prone to procrastination, try these techniques to put an end to it: 

  • Recognize your fear. What often keeps us stuck is simple fear. We’re afraid that we still won’t reach our goals even with that amazing coach, so we put off applying. We’re afraid we’ll look bad compared to other proposals, so we don’t send one. But if you want to be successful in business, you must learn to recognize and face your fears, then do the work anyway.  
  • Visualize the life and business you desire. Imagine what it will be like to have that amazing business you’ve been dreaming about. Picture your ideal workday, daydream about that fabulous vacation you’ll take, and imagine VIP days with your ideal client. 
  • Reward yourself. It’s okay to give yourself a little incentive for getting things done. Take yourself out to lunch; buy a new pair of shoes; take an afternoon off. Do what’s most likely to motivate you to power through your fears and take the next step.  

Failing to Complete Your Projects 

Be honest. How many half-written books, partially planned programs, and unfinished products are cluttering up your hard drive right now?  

If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, the answer is probably several.  

You started all of them with great enthusiasm. You planned out the modules or chapters, created the slide decks, and even outlined the sales page. And then…you just stopped working on it.  

Maybe you tell yourself that you’re too busy. Maybe you “need to do some more research.” Or maybe you lost interest. But the truth is, none of those are the real reason. For many coaches, this self-sabotaging habit is actually a symptom of a lack of confidence, and it’s keeping you from the success you deserve.  

Consider this: You cannot know the actual success rate of a program you’ve never finished, and you cannot improve upon something you’ve never completed. So rather than filling your hard drive with half-finished projects, power through and start releasing them—even if you believe they’re not perfect, and even if you think they’ll never sell.  


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