Hey Goal Slayer,

I am Rosa, and I support ambitious, Aspiring + New Female Entrepreneurs to launch, grow, & scale their online businesses to create sustainable success.

People who know me well always tell me I’m awesome at balancing strategic plans to help women create a BIG impact and pursue their sacred vision, while still being able to show up and be present in their lives for what matters most to them outside of creating and running their businesses.

I’m on a mission to help emerging and established online coaches and entrepreneurs overcome the fears, self-doubt, “shoulds,” and lack of knowledge, that keep them from playing bigger in all areas of their lives.

That’s why I’m so passionate about leading soulful business masterminds for Female Coaches, Virtual Asst, Online Store Owners, Monthly Membership programs “The Goal Slayer Academy” + private coaching sessions for those READY to take BOLD action steps and start or scale their online business.

Life Experiences

Rosa migrated from the Dominican Republic with her family when she was 11 years old. She became a teen mother at the age of 17 without support from her family and having to experience the difficulty of navigating the system while in a shelter with a toddler gave her the motivation, strength to create and work hard for the life she wanted. Becoming a domestic violence survivor in her late teens changed how Rosa viewed herself. Fighting the battle of “worthiness”, feeling judge, stuck, and hopeless was like a never-ending roller coaster ride for years. As an adult she often felt important and competent one day but useless the next… Rosa knows how draining and hopeless this can feel.

How She Level-Up?

Rosa’s life changed forever. Scared to death to leave behind the unsustainable yet, comfortable life she’d known but, something greater was calling her.  She was being pushed to face her fears, and be brutally honest with herself about what she wanted in life. Among other things, she started a new regimen which included dancing, meditation, affirmations vision boards, and a daily dose of something she’d never practiced before – self kindness.

Difficult times showed her that she didn’t want to be defined by her worst moments. If she was going to such great lengths to turn things around, she didn’t want life to be OK or status quo – she wanted it to be incredible and joyful and beautiful and rich and big. She wanted to live her life on purpose.

Rosa learned that personal and professional success can be created.

Online Coaching Business Journey

In 2012, I was clear on what my dream and purpose was.  I set on this journey to create it.

The first year was hard.  I worked 30+ hours per week with lots of tabs open on my computer but never seemed to make any progress on my business. So I made $0 because I was doing everything backwards in my business (like building a website before I had even found my niche) which made it impossible to effectively market myself and find clients.

I wanted to give up a few times, I kept asking myself:

  • How do I start
  • What if I can’t get clients
  • What if I am not good “enough”at this
  • What if I can’t meet my income goals
  • What if I fail

If this is you right now….relax, I’ve got you.

As a Lifetime Learner, helping people to get inspired and take BOLD action to go from Dream>Passion>Paycheck is my absolute PASSION.  I learned and finally got it together after many trials and error.  I have met every income goal for the last few years and I can help you do the same!


I believe the world needs more humans who are truly alive and awake in their power, confidently pursuing their soul’s purpose in a way that doesn’t lead to overwhelm, stress, or burnout. I am here to help you do that!

Professional Qualifications

Wainwright Global Institute Of Professional Coaching Certifications

  • Online Business Coach
  • Empowerment and Spiritual Coach

Master’s Degree in Public Health from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School

Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services from Springfield College

Additional Certificates

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Trauma informed background
  • Parenting Groups Facilitator
  • Mobility Mentoring Informed