4 Proven Ways to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Why is Goal Setting so important? In life, you are either part of somebody else’s plan, or you are part of your plan. People who don’t set goals, tend to “go with the wind”, and believe that life happens to them, or that whatever they have or don’t have is due to a matter of “luck”.  While the effort to adopt “New Year’s Resolution” shows a wonderful sense of positive intent, a better alternative is to develop new goals for the future. And it helps to work toward them as a more gradual process rather than expecting to change immediately. Goals are a better plan than resolutions for a few key reasons, but here is the big one.

Resolutions stay the same: “I will go to bed early.” “I will stop eating certain junk.” “I will go to the gym regularly even though I don’t go at all right now.” If these are somewhat big changes, it may feel like a huge change with no buildup. Goals, however, can be tackled in steps, beginning with baby steps and increasing in difficulty as you become more accustomed to the change. This makes goals more realistic for lasting change.

That is difference between setting goals and not setting goals. It’s the difference between taking charge and control of your life, vs having life, taking control of you.  Taking charge, does not mean, not enjoying the journey, or not going with the flow. It simply means, you enjoy the journey, but you know where you are headed, and you work towards it, on a daily basis, until you reach your desired destination.

  1. Align your Goals with your Purpose
  2. Write it down & put your plan into motion
  3. Keep your Goals Visible at all times
  4. Anticipate Roadblocks and Reward yourself

Don’t have your goals written down?  You can get started today, with my Monthly Goal Setting Worksheet.   Claim your free gift and slay your goals! 



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  1. Michelle Eunis

    I seem to have amazing ideas but can’t seem to follow through on them so they become just wonderful thoughts don’t come to furition !!!
    It’s so upsetting to me!

  2. Hi Michelle! The biggest and most important step is to START! Try writing all the ideas down, creating a list. Second, try to give each idea or goal a number on a scale of 1-10 (1 being least important for you, and 10 being a must and need to do asap). Pick your 2 highest in score to start working on. Create one goal each month with realistic action steps that will get you closer to the big idea. Give yourself a date for when you will complete the task. Remember to breathe and practice self-care weekly. Let us know of your progress!

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